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Bro-splanation: Why blacks don’t give a shit about the Chicago Facebook hate crime kerfuffle   January 7, 2017

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In public, everyone is outraged.

IRL? Not so much.

Blacks, in particular, give zero fucks. (Faux-)African-American Shaun King best expresses the sentiment within the community…

The reason they don’t give a shit can be understood through the prism of Patrice’s white woman schtick…

To Patrice’s point, 2 weeks earlier, white dudes got away with sodomizing a black kid w/ a coat hanger:

An Idaho prosecutor’s declaration that an alleged rape of a black, mentally disabled football player with a coat hanger by his white team-mate was not a sex crime and was not racially motivated has sparked mounting criticism.

Howard was initially charged with felony forcible sexual penetration by use of a foreign object, but on Friday, the 19-year-old reached a plea bargain that allowed him to [avoid jail].

In comparison to the breathless cov’g of Chicago Facebook hate crime-ghazi, Coat Hanger-gate was hardly mentioned on Tucker Carlson Tonight.

Similarly, here’s how MFP reacted to the Charleston church massacre– in which an avowed white supremacist murdered 9 African-American worshipers in cold blood…

Handy chart

Blacks and whites are pre-programmed to react in certain ways (as demonstrated by the comment section below). These reactions are easily predicted…

Non-celebrity white person gets hurt

Whites on TV Whites IRL Blacks on TV Blacks IRL
“Tragic.” “Tragic.” “Tragic, but…” “LOL!”

Non-celebrity black person gets hurt

Whites on TV Whites IRL Blacks on TV Blacks IRL
“Tragic, but…” “I’m skeptical.” “Tragic.” “Tragic.”

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