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Dana White: Ari Emanuel didn’t get mad at me for endorsing Trump   November 27, 2016

Credit TSN.


New UFC owner Ari Emanuel is the high-powered Hollywood agent that Entourage’s Ari Gold is based on.

Ari’s brother is fmr. Obama White House Chief of Staff and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel. You may recall Rahm once sat next to fmr. President Bill Clinton…

Ari’s other brother, Ezekiel also worked in the WH.


Last year, even as the UFC was working on the sale (from which Dana stood to earn upwards of $300 million)– Dana went out of his way to express support for Trump…

In July, Dana accepted Trump’s offer to speak at #RNCinCLE. Unforuntately, a clueless Rinse Pubics relegated Dana to the shittiest of time slots.

Meanwhile, primetime was awarded to anonymous bimbo Kimberlin Brown– who spoke in front of a rapidly emptying arena…

Following Erection ’16, Dana’s reax was short and sweet:

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