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See, I told you Ralph Reed’s daughter was hot   November 22, 2016

Earlier this month, MFP failed to correctly predict the erectoral college results– which brought MFP’s accuracy rating down to a less-than-stellar (by our standards) 91.2%.

But now that all votes have been tallied, it turns out MFP was the only legitimate outlet to exactly predict the popular vote:

Hillary 48 47 44 48
Trump 46 44 47 46

In addition, MFP has been fully vindicated for claiming corrupt lobbyist and fake Christian Ralph Reed’s 19-year-old daughter was hot…

You may recall that MFP was subject to unrelenting mockery and ridicule for this controversial claim.

Did I call it or did I call it…??

Please note that further corroborating evidence in the form of Instagram photos has been redacted because MFP could verify her age in the pics.

But trust me, she’s hot.

Altogether, this brings MFP’s accuracy rating back up to ~92%.

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