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Musha Hadeen Published November 7, 2016

The greatest erection of our lifetimes comes to an end. It’s something we will tell our progressive, multi-gender, ethnically indistinguishable grandkids about.

Tuesday’s erection results will have major ramifications for MFP’s sterling ~95% accuracy rating.

Will MFP gloat obnoxiously, as it did after predicting Mitt Rinomney’s defeat 6 months early?? Or will MFP finally be humbled, and forced to acknowledge erectile uncertainty??


MFP urged Trump to change course on July 29, and regrettably called the race for Hillary on Aug. 31.

Trump’s inability to pivot over the summer (thanks to Ann Coulter and her army of yokels) artificially capped his support– denying Trump access to a pool of otherwise persuadable voters from which he could have overcome Hillary’s structural advantages.

Voter fraud

“Structural advantages”, aka: “It just got fixed…”

Voter fraud in Philadelphia, Detroit, and Las Vegas means Trump must win PA, MI, and NV by ~5 just to win by ~1.

A 3 point win is a 1 point loss.

Amber & Giselle

Amateur porn actress Amber Hahn makes her prediction…

You may recall Giselle Leon (who is often mistaken for Latina) was strongly pro-Romney…

Good times…

Official projection

The underlying premise of this projection is MFP’s objectively true worldview:

God has turned its back on ‘Murica because of the gays and rap. There is no angel in the storm. There is no last-minute comeback. There is only wickedness and disease and destruction and death.

I am rooting for a tie, but resigned to a Hillary victory…

Final Projection

% EC
Hillary 48 274
Trump 46 264
Gary 4
Jill 1

* w/out Voter Fraud

% EC
Hillary 47 258
Trump 47 280
Gary 4
Jill 2

** if only Trump listened to MFP

% EC
Hillary 44 213
Trump 51 325

Total humiliation or triumphant vindication awaits.

Total humiliation it is

  • MFP was wrong, amateur porn actress Amber Hahn was right.
  • MFP’s ~95.7% accuracy rating will plummet next quarterly review.
  • MFP declines to use the valid “Wikileaks/pneumonia” excuse.
  • Thank you James Comey! You’re the man!!
  • I refuse to say “actually, MFP’s popular vote projection was pretty close”– I will not say it!
  • Source claimed Trump led MI in internal polls, but I dismissed it as unrealistic.
  • Susan B. Anthony can suck a dick.
  • I cannot wait to see Trump and Obama’s handshake.
  • Also, that monkey was right.
  • Also, Hannity was right.



By the time they finish counting, MFP might have called it exactly

MFP RCP Actual
Hillary 48 47 48
Trump 46 44 47
This is happening

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