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Peak Katie Glueck   October 9, 2016

Credit PBS Facebook Live.

You may recall MFP sources were mocked HERE and HERE. But Katie’s appearance on PBS Facebook Live confirms that she’s so hot…

Legs 1

Legs 2

That hair thing

Not a hair “flip”, per se?? But it works for me…


That pillow as cute AF, tbh…

Mysterious pendant returns

Assuming it doesn’t have magical properties, it must hold some emotional significance…

Flashbax: How MP got over Katie Glueck

Would Smash

MFP accurately reax to the white chick complaining about black dudes that only date white chicks

Erection 2016

Trump: I gave Katy Tur a “big kiss”

Megyn Kelly’s dance is literally the Holocaust

He's a grating American

Bwahahaha: Hannity is such a dick