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That time Trump called a shipping magnate a “Chinaman”   September 21, 2016

Credit The Forward.
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Fmr. Esquire editor David Granger recently appeared on Lance Armstrong’s podcast where he recounted his favorite Trump war story:

We’re playing with David Frost and this Chinese shipping magnate, Patrick…Patrick gets up, and hits it like a million miles…second hole, same kind of thing…and then Patrick hits it a million miles to the left…fourth hole, same thing happens.

Trump looks at him and he goes, ‘Patrick, you are one strong motherf***ing C*******’.

You may recall Dana Perino shouted “C*******” just seconds after accusing Paula Deen of being a racist…

Speaking of Lance Armstrong, fmr. UFC contender Chael Sonnen once accused Armstrong of abusing steroids.

When confronted, Chael denied making the remarks, claiming the incriminating audio sounded “Hispanic”…

* Mod edit: Offensive terms redacted as per MFP’s new non-racist policy (thanks, Obama).

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