Fap check: Trump says Blacks are “trapped” in failing schools

MP   |   Published originally September 8, 2016

The Democrat…party has trapped millions of African-American and Hispanic youth in failing gov’t schools.

I want every single inner-city child in America, who is today trapped in a failing school, to have the freedom– the civil right– to attend the school of their choice.


It’s weird because being “trapped” in failing, inner-city schools doesn’t seem to have the same F/X on other kids…

Poverty rates

Austin County, TX 11.2%
King County, WA 11.3%
San Francisco County, CA, 12.1%
Clark County, NV, 15.6%
Cook County, IL, 17.1%
New York County NY, 17.7%
Los Angeles County, CA 18.7
Miami-Dade County, FL 20.4

Graduation rates

Los Angeles County CA US
Asians 92.6% 92.2% 89%
Blacks 67.9% 68.1% 73%
Hispanics 74.8% 76.4% 76%
Whites 86.5% 87.4% 87%

Meeting or exceeding grade-level Math

Los Angeles County CA
Asians 63% 60.5%
Blacks 16% 16%
Hispanics 21% 21%
Whites 52% 49%

This is the best part…

Meeting or exceeding grade-level English

Los Angeles County CA
Asians 70.5% 68%
Blacks 27% 27%
Hispanics 33% 32%
Whites 64% 60%

I know what you’re thinking:

But Black and Hispanic kids can’t study because they’re poor and starving!!

Well, they’re not starving-starving…

Obesity by Grade 5

Los Angeles County CA
Asians 32.4% 31.3%
Blacks 40.8% 40.8%
Hispanics 50.5% 48.8%
Whites 28.7% 28.2%

* Stats compiled by AY.
National Center for Education Statistics.

Los Angeles County

Trump’s speech was in Cleveland, OH. Unfortunately, demographic information for the area was not readily available.

Diverse, relatively high-poverty Los Angeles County, CA– which includes C-O-M-P-T-O-N and the city they call Long Beach– seemed like a fair alternative…

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