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MFP bids farewell to Anna Simon’s prime   August 13, 2016

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For the better part of 10 years, journalist-turned-TV personality of sorts, Anna Simon has reigned as the hottest chick in Spain…

As she transitions from world-class beauty to MILF…

A look back on an extraordinary career…

You may recall she recently goofed on the Chewbacca mom lady…

Extra calories

To be fair, Anna’s height allows her to consume more calories than the average woman (not that it does Katie Pavlich any good)…

But it’s like they descended from two different species of ancient ape…


Doing an admirable job hanging on…

Credit Getty Images.

But there are clear and unmistakable signs of temporal degradation…


I don’t understand why Kim Jong-un or a wealthy Saudi prince didn’t kidnap her.

Whatever the case, thank you for not immigrating to America and getting banged by one of our many douchy celebrities, like Brian Austin Green.

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