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Would ya?   July 29, 2016

Credit @McJesse.

h/t AY.

I feel like perhaps I was blinded by hate?? Because I don’t remember her being such a MILF…

Potential Clinton/Kennedy victim

This eager young woman would be invisible next to the GOP circuit celebrities of today, such as Keira Lyn Hornyak or Driena Sixto

But that’s about as hot as 1990’s-era political attendees got.

Chandra Levy

You may recall that Chandra Levy (who Gary Condit and BFF John Kasich totally had nothing to do w/) was attractive by 90’s political standards…

Donna Rice

Even the woman who sunk Gary Hart’s presidential campaign is repulsive compared to today’s avg. rich man’s mistress…

For ex: Tiki Barber’s paramour…

I mean, how was the wife ever supposed to compete w/ that…??

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