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Just 164 days into 2016, already 1,700 deaths from pools   June 13, 2016

Vox, following the Orlando gay nightclub shooting: More people killed in mass shootings than days this year

We’re 164 days into 2016…133 mass shootings.

There have been 76 days this year with mass shootings in the United States — and 88 days without. A total of 207 people have died in those incidents.

Sounds dire.

Oh wait…

Number of American Deaths (domestic)

Per year avg. Total
Saddam Hussein(1991 to 12/2003) 0(29.8 overseas) 0(358 overseas)
Slobodan Milošević(“The next Hitler”) 0 0
M. Ahmadinejad(“The next, next Hitler”) 0 0
Vladimir Putin(Also “the next Hitler”) 0 0
ISIS(1999-present) 0 0
ISIS-inspired(1999-present) 3.8 64
Lightning(past 20 years) 51
Al-Qaeda(1993-present) 146.25 3,364
Mass shootings(20152016) ~469 ~938
Pools(non-boating) 3,536
African-Americans(2010-2015) 4,232 21,164
AIDS 13kCDC 660k
Flulolwut 24kNPR
Suicide 40kUSA Today
Diabetes 76kCDC

“Mass shootings” (defined by Gun Violence Archive as “4 or more shot and/or killed in a single event) is among the least common causes of death in America.

Even if the number of mass shootings per year tripled– and then quadrupled, and then multiplied by 100– your odds of being massacred would still be less 1 percent…which is to say, virtually ZERO.


Statistically speaking, the chances of dying in a mass shooting or getting killed by Islamic terrorists are roughly equal to that of getting eaten by the mythical Chupacabra.

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