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Carrie Prejean only depreciated 2.75 points since 2009 prime   May 18, 2016

Yet another woman quoted in the New York Times’ Trump is sexist article disputes author Michael Barbaro’s characterization of her remarks:

I said that I really had nothing to say to them, and they weren’t gonna get anything out of me– negatively about Donald Trump.

But that is neither here nor there.

What is at issue here is that in 2009, Carrie was a 9.5…

But to her credit, in the intervening 8 years, Carrie has only depreciated down to 6.75…

I know what you’re thinking:

Come on, she was a 10 in 2009. 9.5 is just petty.

But the thing is, she can’t possibly be a 10 because Scarlett Johansson isn’t even a 10, even though Scarlett is arguably more sexually alluring than Carrie…

Still hot w/ little make-up, ugly glasses…

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