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Hillary’s new anti-Trump ad sucks   May 17, 2016

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The Paul Begala-run, Hillary super PAC Priorities USA debuts “Speak”– part of a $6 million dollar ad campaign airing in key battleground states…

Why it sucks

This ad fails to take into account that racism trumps sexism.

Moreover, men and women both are genetically predisposed to objectify women. Men are wired to be repulsed by old chicks, whereas women are wired to assess their competition.

Obviously, this does not show up in traditional consultant-run focus groups– where participants feel pressure to conceal these biases. But in choosing ugly old chicks to star in the ad, Team Hillary greatly reduced the ad’s efficacy:

Subconsciously, viewers are grossed out by images of old women.

This ad has the F/X of framing Trump as “a regular guy”– rather than as an “uncaring, out of touch billionaire”, which should be their line of attack.

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