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Kristin Tate is so hot in this clip where she makes no sense   May 10, 2016

Credit Red Eye.

Fmr. libertarian Kristin Tate offers Red Eye’s sophisticated audience some expert erection anal-ysis:

Anyone could beat Paul Ryan.

I like how she said that w/ such conviction, even though Ryan won his primary 94-6 in 2014, and went on to win the general erection 63-37.

Then 2 years later, Ryan won his primary 84-16, and went on to win the general 60-35.

But whatever, it’s not important.

What matters is that Kristin was on Red Eye to schlep her new ghostwritten book, something-something-liberty ‘Murica, and she looked sooo hot…


Kristin vs. Katie Glueck

Tate is universally-regarded as the most beautiful woman in the liberty movement (fueling Marianne Copenhaver’s silent rage). You may recall that Tate is so hot that she made Katie Glueck appear unattractive in comparison…

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