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You know who I want to spend the rest of my life with? Fox & Friends travel expert   April 17, 2016

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You know how accents are cute at first, but after like 2 years, you wanna strangle her?

The most grating aspects of Francesca Page’s posh British accent are offset by having grown up in NY and FL, and being so hot.

I feel like, if I were her, I would just devote my energies to trying to get Lionel Messi to get me pregnant.

Credit World Red Eye.

It goes without saying, but would hard.

The Regime

Bwahahaha: State-run Fox News covers up Trumpcare collapse

Would Smash

Carrie Prejean only depreciated 2.75 points since 2009 prime

Would Smash

Katie Glueck tries to do teh newz

Would Smash

Sasha Grey voted for Bernie Sanders in CA primary