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Mark Levin calls out Trump for not supporting Article V even though nobody cares about his retarded idea   January 9, 2016

Fascist radio talk show host Mark Levin urges Trump to back Article V:

Cruz reiterated his support for the movement. Ben Carson…in favor of an Article V convention…we have Rubio…Huckabee, Cruz, Paul, Carson…so, where’s Trump?

Levin has found an unlikely ally in left-wing billionaire financier George Soros.

Soros’ Cenk Uyger-fronted Wolf PAC supports Article V:

We will focus our time, effort, and money on them until we get that vital and historic first state to call for an Article V Convention.

Incidentally, you may recall that in 1988, Soros told CBS’ 60 Minutes that he felt “no guilt” over the atrocities he committed as a fmr. Nazi collaborator.

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