The GOP Establishment That Cried Wolf

El Chorro   |   Published originally December 8, 2015

Marco Rubio called it “offensive and outlandish.” Jeb Bush, “unhinged.” Carly Fiorina, “dangerous”. Chris Christie, “ridiculous.”

Paul Ryan said, this is “not who we are”. Dick Cheney, this “goes against everything we stand for”.

Ted Cruz weighed in with a triple helping of word salad, served on his usual fine china, but indigestible nonetheless.

What sacred cow was slayed this time– to elicit such withering attack and near-universal condemnation?

Trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country’s representatives can figure out what is going on.

A temporary ban on Muslim immigration– a not insignificant percentage of whom undeniably, and openly, seek to carry out terrorist attacks inside the United States…

That’s it??

That’s what set off the latest round of Trump has gone too far, for realz this time?

More and more, Trump’s critics come off like The GOP Establishment That Cried Wolf.

Silent Majority

At the heart of Trump’s proposal is this:

Why import more, when we can’t be certain of the ones that are already here?

A perfectly reasonable question for any nation but this nation, in this time, for some reason.

Would “Great” and “Again”, and honestly? Probably “America” too.

This, more than his TV shows or books or winning personality explains Trump’s continued ascent:

He unapologetically gives voice to a once silent, increasingly noisy majority– affirming their unspoken beliefs as normal, decent, and completely logical.

Could Trump word things better? God, yes.

But common sense doesn’t need to be written and rewritten by a team of speechwriters. It doesn’t need to be focus-grouped for maximum, broad-based demographic appeal.

When Trump’s critics insist: “This isn’t who we are”— his supporters are left wondering:

Then what does that make me?


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