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Meghan McCain is so hot in this photo   October 16, 2015

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It’s 1963.

You’re an astronaut with a bad attitude. You think rules are made to broken. You color outside the lines. You have too much sex and drink too damn much.

But nobody can deny: You’re the best damn pilot NASA ever had.

You’ve been suspended for insubordination (again). You blow off steam at a biker bar. Flirt with the wrong guy’s girl. Melee ensues. Just before a bottle is smashed on the back of you head, you are unwillingly rescued by secret service agents.

They take you to a hangar. Scientists unveil a state-of-the-art spaceship. It was built after the Cuban Missile Crisis to find an alternate home for Americans.

There’s just one problem: Nobody is skilled enough to fly it.

You turn them down. You don’t play well with others. You’re not a hero!

That’s when you hear:

Your country needs you.

It’s J F-ing K.

Kindred spirit. He gets you. You get him.

You strap in. Take off. Hit turbulence. Handle it. It becomes clear to everyone that you’ve got the touch…

But your mission is derailed when you are caught in a wormhole. Somehow, you end up back on Earth circa 2015. You are amazed at how much the world has changed.

Then you see this picture of Meghan McCain:

Then you see this picture of Libertarian Girl:

Under these circumstances, you might reasonably conclude that Meghan McCain is as hot– or hotter– than Libertarian Girl.

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