The Busy, Busy World of Refugees, Villains, and Enablers

El Chorro   |   Published originally September 8, 2015

Refugees from the war-torn Middle East are streaming into Europe and the Americas by the tens of thousands.

Most nations are reluctant to take in Muslims in the age of terrorism– even the wealthiest Islamic sheikdoms have refused them.

The West is more welcoming.

Some chalk this up to a plot to Islamicize the world. That may be, but it cannot happen without the passivity of decent people who have allowed their ingrained respect for others to become muddled and confused.

You can respect all people or you can respect all cultures. You cannot choose both.

The Busy, Busy World

When El Chorro was but a wee gaucho, I read a book by Richard Scarry called Busy, Busy World. The stories introduced children to the world’s cultures, depicting them as common in their basic humanity.We were all furry goats who crashed our cars into historic landmarks.

Busy World was a very popular book, and this year is the 50th anniversary of its first publication. Its readers have come of age, yet too many of them still see the world as populated by bumbling but good-natured rabbits and bears. The inherent malevolence of certain cultures never broke through to them.

So people who began to decry instances of misogyny and antisemitism in their own cultures excused its pervasiveness in the cultures of other people. As they grew older, the travelogue mentality of National Geographic cemented this mindset, and the bare breasts of native women distracted any reflection on their artificially and grotesquely distended mouths and necks. Now, these fappers control the comings and goings of everyone on the planet.

What became of respect for people? Why do we not judge cultures that condone the mutilation and institutional repression of their women? That allow children to be sexually assaulted? That rationalize the killing of “infidels”? And why do we let these people into our Western nations? Because those in power believe all cultures should be respected equally, even at the expense of those people who some cultures condemn to maltreatment or even genocide.

As Europe watches Islam overtake its Western way of life, and as America faces a dilution of its founding culture as immigrants reject assimilation and interest groups challenge judicial authority, this difference between respecting cultures and respecting individuals becomes the defining distinction of our time.

Many liberals are attracted to the message of Donald Trump, while many conservatives are repulsed by it. Some who identify as Republicans believe America should become a blend of cultures rather than a blend of people. Whether it is self-interest to maintain a flow of cheap labor, or a misguided belief that multiple cultures can peacefully co-exist in one nation, these Republicans are proving to be more “liberal” than the Democrats who are helping to drive Trump’s poll numbers to unprecedented levels.

Soon there will no longer be traditional conservatives or liberals. You will be a modernist or a multiculturalist. One will value and fight to preserve modern Western culture and its celebration of the equality of all people, not all cultures. The other will allow regressive, unreformed, and undemocratic cultures to overtake those that will not assert their own worth and desire to survive.

The irony here, amigos, is that the repressive cultures of the world respect neither all individuals nor all cultures. They are not on one side or the other. They are on the side of domination. They are abetted by immigrants and natural-born citizens who will not assimilate, and by those across the political spectrum who excuse their treachery.

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