MFP constructs the perfect conservative woman

MFP & co.   |   Published originally June 20, 2015

Shannon Bream’s education

The perfect conservative woman should have a college degree– but not from a 2-year community college (how embarrassing) or an uppity Ivy League school…

A fake Christian school like Liberty University ensures she has a semi-legitimate 4-year degree, without having blown a bunch of dudes at parties, like pretty much every chick that goes to FSU.

Melissa Theuriau’s lack of shallowlessness

The perfect conservative woman cares about what she looks like, but is indifferent to your appearance. Rest easy knowing she will never leave you for a better-looking guy…

Tina Korbe’s innocence

The perfect conservative woman is sexually-repressed. You want to be the first man she is fully vulnerable with– you don’t want her having a special place in her heart for some Linkin Park clone douchebag at a frat party…

Sara Eisen’s clingy-ness…

The perfect conservative woman is independent– but still insecure enough to nag you to marry her, be jealous of other women, and sexually degrade herself to satisfy you– as a result of having a distant father that she tried (but failed) to please…


Tamara Holder’s sexual urges

I like to, you know, do bad things…immoral things.


Melissa Theuriau’s Ethereal Beauty

The perfect conservative woman possesses the angelic beauty of Melissa Theuriau circa 2002-2009, which makes up for any genetic shortcomings you may pass on to your offspring…

I mean, she even looks hot dressed like this…

Ainsley Earhardt’s mouth

Katie Pavlich’s knockers

Jedsdfsdfkksdfhsdf Bila’s butt

Bristol Palin’s legs

The perfect conservative woman has substantial thighs– not fat, but enough to suggest she can rear multiple children…

Would wait

That chick with no vagina is so hot

Fat chick keeps eating while Rand Paul talks about abortion

The Regime

Fap check: “Trump’s wall is useless because Mexicans will just use a ladder”

The Regime

Wow, Devin Nunes’ opponent has a beautiful wife!