Jim Harbaugh proves that when women say “no”, sometimes they mean “yes”

MFP & co.   |   Published originally April 28, 2015

Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh met his current wife at PF Chang’s, because of course he did.

Sarah is so hot that she’s even hot when she’s pregnant…

But what is at issue here is that it took Harbaugh’s legendary competitiveness, and harassment (that would have been considered “stalking” if he was poor and unattractive) to force Sarah to realize that she did, in fact, want to date him, despite her earlier disinclination:

The brief courtship period started with Harbaugh sitting alone at a Las Vegas P.F Changs bar when he noticed Sarah walking past him.

“He immediately followed me to my car and asked if we could ‘meet up’ sometime,” Sarah recalled. “I thought it was odd. Who talks like that? Then he asked for my number, which I gave to him even though I didn’t want to go out with him.”

Harbaugh called Sarah nine times that night. She ignored him with the notion of strategically calling during practice the next day, getting his voicemail and politely telling his machine it just wasn’t meant to be.

The lesson here is that if you really, really, really want to make love to a woman, you must keep harassing her until she finally gives in.

That’s what a true Alpha would do.

Alpha vs. Beta

For comparative purposes, Jim Harbaugh was a fmr. average NFL QB in his 40’s– coaching in relative obscurity at the University of Wherever The F***.

Yet he had the confidence to stalk his future wife into submission.

49ers owner Jed York, on the other hand, was born a billionaire, and handed an NFL franchise on his 30th birthday. And he ended up with this…

I will concede that I am utterly repulsive inside and out (especially out), but I can promise you 1 thing:

If I became a billionaire NFL owner tomorrow? I bring home Gal Fucking Gadot (or equivalent) by Thursday– then I cheat on her regularly for 2 years, and even recoil at her impassioned pleas to “get serious”.

And that’s a God damn fact.

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