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Dinesh D’Souza: The Native American genocide is nobody’s fault

MFP & co. Published July 3, 2014

Obama mentor Bill Ayers isn’t just a former terrorist, he’s also– allegedly– a former rapist. In 1965, Ayers supposedly led a gang rape of a a University of Michigan sophomore:

When I was getting ready to leave Ayers told me I couldn’t go until I slept with his roommate and his brother…at first I thought Ayers was joking. I got up and went to the door. He moved quickly to block me at the doorway. He locked the door and put the chain on it.

Leave it to Dinesh D’Dumbo to make Bill Ayers seem reasonable in comparison by claiming that the indigenous population of North America shrunk from 20 million to hundreds of thousands through no fault of ‘Murica:

The American Indian population shrunk over 80% over 150 years. The main reason for that was not because of warfare of systematic killing, it’s because the white man brought with him– from Europe– diseases, to which the Native Americans…did not have any immunities, so they perished in large numbers…With the migration of peoples, diseases go from civilization to civilization– that’s not genocide. Genocide is when you intend to wipe out a people.

First, I concede the following 3 points:

  • (1) If we didn’t massacre the Native Americans, somebody else would have– another European power or, eventually, China or Japan. History had unfolded in such a way that the annihilation of their civilization(s) was inevitable.
  • (2) Genocide is a staple of human history. The North American genocide was no worse than those perpetrated by Genghis Khan, Julius Caesar, Imperial Japan, or Mao Zedong.
  • (3) It could’ve been a lot worse. The Chinese or Muslims likely wouldn’t have bothered w/ broken treaties or reservations.

But, at the risk of offending Dinesh D’Souza’s low-information followers…

Andrew Jackson existed. The Trail of Tears happened. Our predecessors, with malice of thought, intentionally stole Indian land (just as any other world power in a position to do so, would have).

Any other interpretation is propaganda on par with North Korean news.

I know what you’re thinking:

But it was disease that killed them!

It’s simple.

Imagine that technologically-superior foreigners conquered 14th century Europe and inadvertently introduced a plague. Imagine that this occupying force herded the few remaining survivors into concentration camps they called “reservations”…

Would the fact that the majority of deaths were technically the result of disease prevent us from describing this hypothetical event as “genocide”????

I rest my case.

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This is not to say that Emma Dumont is smarter than Kaileigh Brandt (their diverging interests makes that difficult to quantify with anything approaching certainty) or more carnally desirable than Mélissa Theuriau circa 2005.

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