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Mark Levin: “I despise the neocons! I am not a neocon!”   May 24, 2014

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During the 3-hour commercial for his book, his dad’s book, and that he calls a “radio show”– Mark Levin insisted that he’s no neocon, and bristled at being so often mistaken for one…

I’m condemned as a neocon. I despise the neocons! I am not a neocon. I am not an interventionist.

You may recall that in February 2013, noted non-interventionist Mark Levin strongly defended Obama’s “right” to execute American citizens without trial…

Last month, Levin ranted and raved against nonsexistent Republican “appeasement and isolationism”…

Most recently, while agitating for thermonuclear war against Russia– Levin dismissed the proven, undeniable, demonstrable fact that neo-Nazi extremists groups have seized power in Ukraine as a “comic book” fantasy…

What is that, a comic book? You get that off a fortune cookie?

The “comic book” fantasy referenced above…

But they’re just like George Washington.

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