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MP ranks Vance McAllister’s wife, mistress, and daughter by order of hotness   April 8, 2014

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On Monday, Rep. Vance McAllister (R-LA) was caught on video engaging in extramarital shenanigans with staffer Melissa Hixon Peacock. It has since been revealed that McAllister paid Hixon Peacock $300 as reimbursement for “headquarter cleaning.”

In any case– the wife, the mistress, and the daughter– in order of whom I would smash most to least eagerly…

1. The Daughter

In boots…

2. The Mistress

McAllister’s “District Scheduler”, twice-married 33-year-old Melissa Hixon Peacock…

I know what you’re thinking:

But the mistress is way hotter than the daughter!

But actually, no…

3. The Wife

Kelly Duncan McAllister…

Ew, so old.

h/t Ivan D.

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