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Actually, Apartheid wasn’t that bad   December 6, 2013

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In the wake of Nelson Mandela’s death, liberal, progressives, and the genuinely uninformed are propagating the myth that Apartheid in South Africa was profoundly and/or uniquely horrific.

In the context of 99.9% of human experience, this is demonstrably false…

Just for heart-wrenching emphasis, let us review the aftermath of the Rape of Nanking (just a decade earlier than Apartheid)….

During the course of our inspection, the survivors began to crawl out from their hiding places – from trash and garbage containers, from inside the moat, from behind walls. Among them were children whose noses had been pierced with wire, just like cattle. There were old women, now one-armed, the other arm having been chopped off. And there were pregnant women whose bellies had been stabbed with bayonets.

Inside a restaurant, a whole family had been slaughtered. The enemy had cut off their arms. Every woman over 14 or 15 had been raped. It was a pitiful sight.

When I entered another restaurant, Asahiken, I saw the corpses of seven or eight women lying on the floor, naked. They had been raped before they were killed. A broom protruded from the genitals of one of them, where it had been shoved. The mouth of another had been stuffed with dirt. The belly of yet another had been sliced open, vertically. It was truly a dreadful sight.

And yet, we rarely hear the Chinese complaining about the Rape of Nanking, or the French complaining about Julius Caesar, or Iranians complaining about Genghis Khan.

So fucking get over it.

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