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Sarah Palin: “Rand Paul was right”   June 22, 2013

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“He was chided and mocked and ridiculed by the Obama Administration and by some in the Senate…but Rand Paul was right!”

Cashin’ In June 22.

Like all patriotic Americans, I’m just like…

In April, Sarah Palin wrote the blurb for Rand Paul’s entry in the Time 100…

When the Tea Party movement wanted to send a message to the Senate in 2010, it elected a clear-sighted eye doctor from the Bluegrass State. In a D.C. too often defined by the venal equivocations of a permanent political class more interested in consolidating its own power than in upholding the Constitution or defending the common good, Senator Rand Paul is a voice of reason awakening the public to what must be done to restore our prosperity and preserve the blessings of liberty for future generations. His brand of libertarian-leaning conservatism attracts young voters, and recently he inspired the nation with his Capraesque filibuster demanding basic answers about our use of drones. I sent him some caribou jerky from Alaska to help keep up his strength on the Senate floor. There’s more where that came from for this bold Senator with 20/20 vision willing to take a stand for liberty.

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