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Sarah Palin: Edward Snowden is not the problem, the problem is Obama violating the Fourth Amendment   June 22, 2013

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Let me get this straight…

– Person A: Violates the Constitution
– Person B: Tells everybody that Person A violated the Constitution

But Person B is the “traitor”?

“That’s what’s backwards about this”– so sayeth Sarah Palin…

Cashin’ In June 22.

The “punk hacker” referenced above: David C Kernell…

A man who broke into Sarah Palin’s e-mail has been imprisoned – despite being told he might be spared jail.

David Kernell, 23, was found guilty last year of illegally accessing Mrs Palin’s e-mail during the 2008 presidential campaign.

At the time, a judge suggested he should serve his year-long sentence in a halfway house.

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