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Mark Levin defends Obama’s right to kill American citizens without due process   March 8, 2013

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In the following clip, Mark Levin argues, essentially, that an American is a terrorist if the President says that he is…

Mark Levin Show March 8.

Wait. What?

You can renounce your citizenship through your own actions…if you join the enemy.

How can we be certain? We’re not 100% certain. We just need to be certain enough.

Even if that is technically legal by virtue of some statute passed in 19-0-whenever, it is plainly antithetical to our founding principles.

American citizens are not terrorists just because the Executive and his minions say so. Ceding the roles of judge, jury, and executioner to the Executive is a recipe for tyranny.

Friendly reminder, this happened: Obama drops a missile on a 16-year-old American citizen because his father was an alleged terrorist.

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