MFP’s Touching Musical Tribute to Delaney Tarrgaryen

MFP & co.   |   Published originally June 12, 2018

h/t MC.

MFP is staunchly pro-2A. In fact, MFP recently published an article that found obesity is statistically far deadlier than gun violence (or Islamic jihad, for that matter).

But on the other hand, look how Delaney Tarrgaryen makes 7.5+ Miley Cyrus look homeless in comparison:

I grew up listening to rap, so I have deeply internalized misogyny– like, whenever I’m dealing with women, I am always careful to “never put pussy on a pedestal”??

But honestly, Snapchat filter or not??

I don’t think it’s hyperbole to call her a Goddess…

Nor do I begrudge her using boredom as an excuse to derive self-esteem from dudes’ carnal desires…

And thus…

I hereby bend the knee to Delaney of House Tarrgaryen. Progressive of the Realm, Queen of the Antifa, and Khaleesi of My Heart.

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