Bwahahaha: Trump throws loyal Nazi Paul Ryan under the bus!

MP   |   Published originally May 22, 2018

For 2 years, Paul Ryan has been an automatic rubber stamp for the Trump regime’s Nazi agenda.

Since January 2017, Ryan has voted w/ Trump a 97.34% of the time— voting against Trump’s stated position just twice out of 75 total votes:

Date Bill Trump Position Ryan Vote
July 25, 2017 Russia sanctions No Yes
May 18, 2018 Lobbyist-written “Farm” bill Yes No

This level of compliance is unheard of for a House Speaker. Even Nancy Pelosi, if only for show, opposed Obama from time to time.

So what’s Ryan’s reward for being a loyal brownshirt and unquestioning political stormtrooper??

Under the bus he goes:

White House Official Rewards Paul Ryan’s Loyalty With Talk of Ousting Him As Speaker…Ryan made it clear that he intends to remain speaker through January 2019, but soon chatter emerged about him being forced out earlier. Talk of a coup gained momentum…Republicans have been discussing a plan to push Ryan out this summer to make way for McCarthy.

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