Evgenia Medvedeva is officially the Most Desirable Russian on Earth

MFP & co.   |   Published originally February 15, 2018

Figure skater Evgenia Medvedeva on Tuesday was named MFP’s Most Desirable Non-Blonde Russian Female on Earth. In particular, Evgenia’s Sailor Moon outfit endeared her to perverts everywhere.

Dear God.

A classic beauty, Evgenia has the face of an innocent angel that just makes me want to defile her.

Russian Oligarchs

Just to put Evgenia’s hotness in perspective, even Trump’s billionaire Russian accomplices– with virtually unlimited ill-gotten funds– are forced to settle for much trashier-looking vajayjay.


If a K-Pop member bangs Evgenia, Imma kill myself:

Evgenia Medvedeva…is a huge K-pop fan. She told the Washington Post that she listened to EXO before performing on Sunday night, and she’s also shared videos of herself dancing to both EXO and BTS.

For the record, that shit is unlistenable…

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