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Trump movie: MFP accurately casts Julia Ioffe and Roy Moore’s victims   November 14, 2017

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Julia Ioffe was on the bubble, but her inclusion is now guaranteed after her scoop exposing secret correspondence between Donald Trump, Jr. and the Wikileaks branch of the FSB.

Keep in mind that actresses are typically at least 2.5 points hotter and 10 years younger than their real life counterparts. For example, Cate Blanchett was cast as Mary Mapes in the Dan Rather movie

Mary Mapes looks more Rand Paul than Cate Blanchett, but these are minor details.

Julia Ioffe

Amber Heard is now old enough to credibly play Julia Ioffe from her prime to her less attractive present…

Roy Moore

Walter Goggins, with his receding hairline and cult leader eyes, is perfect to play Roy Moore from his mall-trolling-for-teenagers 30’s all the way up to his homophobic 70’s…

Flashback Alleged Victim from Roy Moore’s POV

5’1, 22-year-old Sammi Hanratty as Roy Moore’s alleged victim from his warped POV…

Flashback Alleged Victim Victim from audience POV

28-year-old Emily Browning as Roy Moore’s victim from the RL/audience perspective…

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