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Failed state Alabamistan is America’s Middle East   November 12, 2017

Out of touch liberal elitist Chuck Todd on Friday predicted that Alabamistan would not continue to support child molester Roy Moore:

You’re gonna tell me that somehow, [the movement against sexual assault] is passing Alabamistan by?? I’m not as cynical that somehow [Republicans will vote for a child molester]…I actually think Democrats are the favorite here, and I wouldn’t be surprised if you actually see Republicans endorsing Doug Jones.

But if Chuck ever wandered outside his DC bubble, he would know that Alabamistan is America’s Middle East– an impoverished failed state, populated by uneducated 15th century religious psychopaths and ironically homophobic, anal-loving sexual deviants.


America’s Middle East Hellhole

National Rank
Murder Rate
8.4 #3
Life Expectancy
75.4 #49
Life Expectancy (Whites)
76 #49
Poverty Rate
19% #4
Federal Dependency Score
72.45 #4
Education Score
26.01 #44
Religious (self described)
77% #1
Time Spent Watching Porn Per Visit
10 min. 48 sec. #2


Not surprisingly, according to a new poll, Alabamistan’s Evangelical Taliban are more likely to vote for Imam Roy Moore after learning of his predatory proclivities:

Nearly 40 percent of Alabama evangelicals said in a new poll that they are more likely to vote for GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore following allegations of [pedophilia]…Just 28 percent said the allegations made them less likely.

For the record, MFP hopes Roy Moore wins erection and becomes the face of the GOP heading into 2018.

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