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MFP accurately reax to Virginia erection results   November 7, 2017

Ed Gillespie is a moderate, Chamber of Amnesty Bush Republican. But after losing a close race in 2014, Gillespie ran this year as a Trump/Charlottesville Nazi Republican.

Here’s Trump’s robocall urging Nazis to turn out for Gillespie…

And here’s Steve Bannon singing Ed Gillespie’s praise…

It almost worked.

Gillespie did as well– in some cases, better than Trump among racists and low-information voters.

Unfortunately, Gillespie was unable to overcome Northam’s lead among college-educated voters– which made up a whopping 60% of the erectorate.


Totally called it

Perhaps most importantly, despite early signs pointing to a Gillespie win…

MFP totally called it, bringing MFP’s accuracy rating to all-time high of 97.1%.


Breitbart did not totally call it, that I can tell you

Here are some of Breitbart’s headlines leading up to Tuesday…

Breitbart’s accuracy rating has now fallen to a dismal 16%.



The sheer scale of victory is the 1st (and only sign (so far)) of a Democrat wave in next year’s midterms:

  • Even though he objectively sucks, Northam won by 9 points– the largest margin of victory for Dems in a VA gubernatorial race in 32 years.
  • Dems won VA Lt. Gov.
  • Dems won VA AG.
  • When the night began, Dems were a 66-34 minority in the VA House of Delegates. It was ~50/50 by morning.
  • In VA-13, a transgender weirdo defeated Trump cult member Robert Marshall.
  • 3 GA special erections when to the Dems.
  • WA State Senate District 45 went to the Dems.
  • Maine voted to expand Medicaid.

For whatever reason, Steve Bannon’s strategery of race-baiting low IQ voters was less effective on Tuesday.

The Trump regime cannot lose 2018, so expect Stephen Miller to launch more false flag terrorist attacks.

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