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See, I told you Jeff Sessions committed treason   November 2, 2017

Totally called it.

In June, Jeff Sessions dissembled in testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee to conceal coordination w/ the Kremlin– claiming that he did not recall ever discussing Russia 35 times in 3 hours.

There are now 3 different sources proving Sessions is a liar:

  • 07/17: US spy intercepts overheard Russian spymaster Sergey Kislyak relaying negotiations w/ Jeff Sessions to the Kremlin.
  • Monday (10/17): Records from the George Papadopoulos plea agreement indicate Papadopoulos discussed Russia w/ Sessions and Trump.
  • Thursday (11/17): Carter Page testified under oath that he discussed Russia w/ Sessions.

In any case, you may recall Julia Ioffe pronounces “Sergey Kislyak” in a sexy way

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