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MFP accurately reax to Manafort-Papadopoulos indictments   October 30, 2017

Why Trump won’t use pardons yet

POTUS has absolute power to pardon, except– possibly— when it constitutes obstruction of justice in his own case.

There is a reason Trump officials have repeatedly insisted that they have not discussed pardons when they obviously have– because doing so constitutes a clear effort to obstruct justice, which could become Article I in Trump’s Articles of Impeachment.

As such, pardons are a last resort.

Less risky options include:

  • (1) Fire Mueller.
  • (2) Defund Mueller.
  • (3) Discredit Mueller, then fire him.


Paul Manafort cannot cooperate even if he wants to– not without risking “suicide by suffocation”.

Or accidentally falling out a window…

The lawyer for the family of late Russian whistleblower Sergei Magnitsky is in intensive care after plunging from his fourth-floor apartment a day before a major court date.

Or having an untimely heart attack…

Russia’s ambassador to the United Nations, died on February 20 of an apparent heart attack. He was “in his office fulfilling his duties” when he died, according to a statement from the Russian mission at the UN.

Or divine intervention…

Oleg Erovinkin, who had close ties to Russian intelligence, was found dead on December 26 sitting in his car on the streets of Moscow…Russian government agencies have not released an official cause of death.

His best bet is to hold out for a pardon.


This is from the New York Times back in September:

White House officials privately express fear that colleagues may be wearing a wire to surreptitiously record conversations for Mr. Mueller.

It seemed outlandish at the time, but it apparently stems from George Papaasdfsdfsdfs (and possibly others) becoming a “proactive cooperator” sometime between his arrest on July 27 and pleading guilty on October 5.

To be clear, the intent wasn’t to record someone saying:

Dude! Don’t tell them we colluded with Russia, bro!!

Rather, Papaasdfsdfsdfs’ utility is in entrapping higher-ranking Trump officials in process crimes– specifically, perjury or destruction of evidence.

For example:

  • STEP 1: Papaasdfsdfsdfs tells Mueller about email exchange between him and Jared (or whoever).
  • STEP 2: Mueller asks Jared (or whoever) 1,000,000 questions, including whether or not he had said email exchange.
  • STEP 3: Jared (or whoever) doesn’t think it’s important, so he lies about it.
  • STEP 4: Faced w/ prosecution, Jared (or whoever) goes to work Monday wearing a wire.
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