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MFP accurately projects which Trump regime officials will be indicted Monday   October 29, 2017

MFP (now documented to be right ~96.1% of the time) can now project which FSB assets will be indicted Monday for charges indirectly related to “collusion”– i.e. lying to federal agents, tax evasion, destroying evidence, etc.

Roger Stone SAFE

Doesn’t know shit.

Carter Page SAFE

Carter Page is a weasel. He almost certainly spilled everything he knows months ago.

UPDATE: Totally called it…

Michael Cohen Reasonably Safe

Safe, unless cronies flip under mounting pressure.

Trump, Jr. Reasonably Safe

Safe, unless cronies flip under mounting pressure.

Jared Kushner Reasonably Safe

Safe, unless Mueller DL coordinates w/ New York state officials to get around Trump’s federal pardon– in which case, Jared will turn on Trump, Jr. to save himself.

Michael Flynn HIV-Positive

If Michael Flynn isn’t indicted Monday, then he is or is in negotiations to become a cooperating witness.

Paul Manafort HIV-Positive

Manafort knows that if he cooperates w/ the Special Counsel, Trump and the FSB will ensure that he has an untimely heart attack or stroke.

His best bet is to fight Mueller and hold out for a pardon.

UPDATE: Totally called it…

MFP stands by our May 2017 prediction that the Mueller probe will ultimately find insufficient evidence of Trump’s treason.

Russian to conclusions

Bwahahaha: Mike Pence is so dumb

Would Smash

Fortune Feimster and her fiancé, would ya threesome?

The Regime

Dana White: NFL players shouldn’t be forced to stand for National Anthem

Would Smash

Bob Corker’s staffers are hot AF