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Fox News poll: NFL now almost as unpopular as Trump   October 27, 2017

More bad news for the NFL.

According to a new Fox News poll, the NFL is now only ~18% more popular than Trump.

    Approve Disapprove Net Approval
    NFL 46 41 +5
    Trump 38 50 -12

Both Trump and the NFL have suffered precipitous declines in popularity since their peak in 2005.

    Gallup poll 2005

    Approve Disapprove
    NFL 59 41
    Trump 50 38

In the intervening years, the NFL has dropped 13 net points in popularity– which is almost half as much as Trump over the same time period.

    2005 Oct. 2017 Net Change since 2005
    NFL net approval +18 +5 -13
    Trump net approval +12 -15 -27
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