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BREAKING: MFP concedes that Liv Morgan is technically hotter than Alexa Bliss   October 25, 2017

NXT’s Liv Morgan is younger, thinner, and more normal-sized than 5’1 (aka ~4’11) WWE Raw Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss. MFP can no longer deny that Liv is technically– technically— hotter than Alexa…

However, when sheer adorability is taken into account– an argument can be made that Alexa is as– if not more— carnally desirable than Liv.

For example, even her belt pose schtick is almost unfathomably adorable…

Which she pairs w/ one of the sexiest walks in the world today…

It should also be noted that Alexa possesses naturally softer facial features…

Accurate Rating

Please note that regional preferences take scarcity and cultural biases into account.

For example, in Ethiopia, any skinny white chick under 35 is automatically 11/10. In Saudi Arabia, however, that same skinny white chick’s score may be artificially depressed by the availability of blonde sex slaves from North America and Eastern Europe.

Liv Alexa
Los Angeles 9.25 8.5
Las Vegas 9.5 8.99
Iowa 10 9.99
Saudi Arabia 9.99 9.25
Japan 9.99 10
Personally 9.25 10
Mom & Dad 8.0 10,000
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