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Rush Limbaugh criticizes George W. Bush for the 1st time   October 19, 2017

El Rushbo on Wednesday criticized George W. Bush after the fmr. President spoke out against Trump’s Nazi regime:

He’s calling out Trump voters here…are you kidding me!?

What is this, the George W. Bush version of Hillary’s deplorables??

In the past, Rush has refused to criticize Bush-Cheney– even at the expense of his own credibility.

For example, w/ respect to the Iraq debacle, Rush initially claimed that Saddam’s nuclear weapons were smuggled into Yemen or Syria. When that conspiracy theory was debunked, Rush conceded that there were no WMDs– but claimed that the CIA tricked Bush into believing that there were…

When it came to W’s “deer in the headlights look”, Rush attributed it to W’s “profound respect” for the presidency…

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