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MFP accurately reax to Jeff Flake is fucked   October 16, 2017

10 months out from next summer’s AZ GOP Senate primary, incumbent Jeff Flake is totally fucked:

Incumbent w/ good chance of reerection

Where Jeff Flake is at

Approval Rating at ~80% or better among GOP 51%
Approval Rating at ~50% or better overall 38%
Lead or even w/ primary challenger Trails Trashy Racist Ex-Wife-Looking Lady 58-31.
Lead general erection challenger Trails Wacky Gay Hippie Lady 41-33.
Dominate fundraising Not as much as he’d like.


In recent history, only 2 incumbent senators this unpopular w/ their own party activists came back to win reerection– both needed to run as ~Independents to do it:

  • In 2010, Republican Lisa Murkowski was humiliated when she lost the AK GOP primary to creepy Joe Miller.

    But Murkowski started a write-in campaign and went on to win the general erection 40-36-24.

    Once an unpopular figure, the increasingly independent Murkowski now boasts an approval rating of 59-21.

  • In 2006, Israel-first neocon Democrat Joe Lieberman lost the CT Democrat primary to MoveOn/nutroots candidate Ned Lamont.

    Lieberman started his own 3rd party, and coasted to reerection 50-40.

But unlike Murkowski and Lieberman, whose independence appealed to moderates in the opposing party– Nazi collaborator Jeff Flake has been one of Trump’s most loyal bootlickers.

In 2017, Jeff voted w/ the criminal Trump regime 92% of the time.

Below are the only 4 exceptions:

4 votes out of 49.

In conclusion, fuck him, I hope he loses to one of those 2 crazy bitches.

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