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Bwahahaha: Rand Paul totally sells out libertarians   October 12, 2017

After a decade of railing against executive orders, fmr. libertarian Rand Paul on Thursday celebrated Trump’s executive action on Obamacare:

Rand Paul has found an ally in President Donald Trump. An executive order the president signed Thursday…comes after a string of legislative defeats in efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

This is the political equivalent of Rand inviting Trump to receive fellatio from his wife, Kelley– and, upon completion– Rand and Kelley exchanging a passionate kiss before she eagerly swallows Trump’s genetic material.

And while fmr. libertarian Kristin Tate has similarly discarded her once deeply-held beliefs to sell books to elderly Fox News viewers– in her unique case, Kristin is so hot that MFP has no choice but to give her a pass…

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