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Sad! UKIP caves to political correctness   September 29, 2017

You may recall that MFP faux-passionately supported Nigel Farage and Brexit HERE, HERE, and HERE.

Unfortunately, when we lost our main author/editor, I took over the day-to-day writing duties– and quickly realized that I had neither the time or inclination to keep churning out the fake news.

However, MFP is close to securing the services of a new author to reword Info Wars and other FSB propaganda articles as our own– in which case:

  • (1) MFP will return to the low-information model beginning next year.
  • (2) I can finally go back to writing primarily about sports and hot chicks at the other outlet.

MFP will also begin writing long form articles exploiting the Seth Rich, Deep State, and especially Antifa-George Soros conspiracy theories.

For example, here is a fake news article I wrote months ago– but was too busy to finish. Hopefully, we’ll have someone soon who can fill in the details:

Desperate to reduce his jail time, disgraced fmr. Congressman Anthony Weiner has revealed to prosecutors (or whoever, it doesn’t matter) that Seth Rich met with a lawyer on Bob Mueller’s staff prior to his death.

According to our sources inside the [whatever department] this lawyer also happens to have links to George Soros through Jeffrey Epstein and deep state [“operative”, or whatever word] National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster.

[Insert some retarded reasoning], could blow the lid right off of the Antifa movement– proving once and for all that George Soros [insert “shredded documents” or something].

And while the illegal aliens schtick is somewhat oversaturated, attacking legal immigrants is a largely untapped market…

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