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MFP accurately reax to Ray Moore’s erection   September 27, 2017

MFP (documented to be right 95.2% of the time) can now project the following:

  • (1) In 2016, Russia won Alabama 62-34, so it was a long shot either way. But it doesn’t help that the Democrat candidate looks like a child [redacted]…

    MFP officially projects: Ray wins the general erection approx. ~60-38-2.

  • (2) This is the latest in a long line of flamboyantly devout, family values Christian conservatives along the lines of Larry Craig, Mark Foley, and Marcus Bachmann

    Consider that if one were among the Q in LGBTQ, one might find any excuse to dress up like this under the auspices of manliness…

    Watch for him to show up at a future campaign event in a construction worker costume.

    MFP officially projects: Ray will face 100% untrue, unfounded gay allegations within the next 8 years. He will ask God for forgiveness and cruise to reerection.

UPDATE 9/29/17: To clarify, “false allegations” in projection #2 includes a range of deviancy from gay pornography to Larry Craig-gate to Dennis Hastert-ghazi.

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