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Lebron accurately calls Trump a “bum” again   September 24, 2017

Lebron James at his media session on Monday again called KKK Grand Wizard Donald Trump a “bum”:

It’s not [name calling], it’s uh– you bum…my first initial reaction was, ‘you bum’.

This back-and-forth began when Trump withdrew a back channel invitation to the Golden State Warriors to visit the WH after star PG Steph Curry expressed an unwillingness to attend.

And Lebron was just like:

In response, many elderly retards have threatened to boycott the NBA, not realizing that the NBA doesn’t give a shit:

  • (1) They don’t watch the NBA.
  • (2) They don’t buy tix, jerseys, or NBATV.
  • (3) They’re not in the NBA’s target demographic.

To the last point, the NBA has the youngest and most diverse fan base among the major American sports leagues (soccer, which sucks, excluded):

And increasingly, the NBA is a global brand determined to unlock untapped markets overseas, particularly in Asia…

By the time the NBA’s current $2.6 billion TV deal expires in 2026:

  • (1) The elderly curmudgeons threatening boycotts will have died off
  • (2) The NBA will have largely transitioned to a global Netflix/WWE Network-like streaming model.
  • (3) Lebron personally will have amassed ~$1 billion of fuck you money.

As such, no one associated w/ the NBA gives a shit about these boycotts.

Do you even UFC bro?

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