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Lindsey Graham triggered by healthcare question   September 21, 2017

Sen. Lindsey Graham and Bill Cassidy recently introduced healthcare legislation to kill 30 million Americans in order to fund tax cuts for Trump’s Jewish donors.

When pressed, Lindsey flew into a rage that many psychologists would attribute to the inability to cope w/ one’s own sexuality.

Indeed, many of Lindsey’s colleagues have implicitly urged him to come out of the closet already:

  • Mike Huckabee this past March:

    I sometimes wonder what uniform he puts on each morning when goes out to the field to play, and I’m not just talking about the partisan uniform.

  • Fmr. Illinois Sen. Mark Kirk caught on a hot mic:

    [Lindsey]’s a bro with no ho.

  • SC pol and Iraq War vet Dave Feliciano quipped:

    We’re tired of the ambiguously gay senator from South Carolina.

And of course, Raw Story’s Michael Woods tweeted:

I wonder if Lindsey Graham knows I have pictures of a man who spent the night at his house. pls RT
– 10:57 AM Dec 18th

Just reached lawyer at home. Meeting set for Tues. on releasing pix of man who spent night at Lindsey Graham’s.
– 11:05 AM Dec 18th

MFP finds these allegations completely untrue, unfounded, and outrageous. Lindsey’s colleagues owe him an apology.

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