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Billy Joe Saunders once again the victim of racism   September 15, 2017

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Boxer Billy Joe Saunders is once again the victim of racism after his son punched Willie Monroe, Jr. in the balls.

  • “typical pikey scum. The human rats of Britain there, folks. Newport, where I live is full of them. So before anyone jumps on me to defend these filthy bunch of fucks, come and have a look at what they do to the land, animals and honest tax payers expenses.
  • Any true Englishman shares a deep hatred for pikeys. They are true parasites of society, they feed off of taxpayers and give nothing back besides crime and fly tipping. I implore the yanks who see this to do some research into the “traveler communities” (a very ironic name considering they kick up such a fuss when you tell them to fuck off) before they cast judgement on the vitriol shown here, I can assure you it is more than deserved.
  • Yes tradiitons [sic]… such as theft, fraud, waste dumping, inbreeding, slavery ( a new one), a propensity for violence, illegal gambling, illegal combat sports, trespass, animal abuse, not educating their kids and alcoholism. Such a rich culture.The Irish government has no patience for their vile behavior.

In the past, Saunders courageously spoke out against the racism and oppression Irish Travellers endure in the UK:

Travellers don’t get the recognition for the things they do. There’s plenty of publicity about the bad things, but never the good things. I feel targeted myself…people slag us off…just because we’ve got a different background.

These views are deeply ingrained in European society, which stereotypes Travellers as extremely “low-class”– similar to Arkansans or even dreaded West Virginians.

For example, a housing blog insensitively titled the photo file below “pikey-mansion.jpg”…

Stateside, Fox News’ Tucker Carlson has for years warned Americans about the looming existential threat posed by the likes of Billy Joe Saunders…


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