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Ezekiel Elliot’s alleged victim allegedly banged his teammate   September 12, 2017

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Even Ezekiel Elliot apologist Skeptical A. Smith is now open to the possibility that Ezekiel did, in fact, go Johnny Depp on ex-girlfriend Tiffany Thompson:

You read in reports…one of Ezekiel Elliot’s former Cowboys teammates…there’s some connection between [Tiffany], Ezekiel Elliot, and [fmr. teammate Lucky Whitehead]!

And you know anytime something like that comes into the mix, suddenly, Ezekiel Elliot’s innocence doesn’t look– let’s just say, it doesn’t look solid.

Because if you wanna sit up there and figure out instances when a man loses his damn mind?? Go look at some of the things being reported right now and get back to me…when he claims he’s innocent…it makes that look a little bit fishy once you read those reports.

The reports referenced above:

According to the appeal transcript, Elliott was asked about Whitehead and said Thompson had goaded him with text messages a month after Elliott filed an official incident report alleging she was harassing him.

‘When Tiffany saw me doing well or just doing well without her, she did not like that and she would go through any measure to kind of ruin my moment…I received like 15 texts from an unknown number, and the texts were screen shots of text messages between Tiffany and one of my current teammates that play with me for the Cowboys.

And then there was a picture of a hotel reservation, which had her name and also his name on it. Basically, her telling me that she slept with [Lucky].’

But why Lucky Whitehead?? Why not Sean Lee??

Whatever the case, MFP hereby absolves Ezekiel of any moral culpability in relation to any possible beatings he may have doled out as a result of this or similar behavior.

Incidentally, Tiffany is like a 7.5??

But her alleged emotional instability to the point that she’s allegedly willing to engage in all manner of depravity just to keep a dude makes her even hotter.

Again, MFP implores Caucasian readers not to name their daughters “Tiffany”, “Mercedes”, or “Crystal”. And please, for the love of God, avoid alliteration whenever possible.

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