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Bwahahaha: Trump caves on debt ceiling like a bitch   September 6, 2017

Many uneducated, low-information voters actualy believed Trump when he promised to use the September debt ceiling battle to fight for border wall funding.

But on Wednesday, Trump caved to Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi like a bitch:

Sources inside and close to [GOP] leadership have used the full range of expletives in text messages reacting to what Trump did this morning.

When the debt ceiling and government funding bills expire in December, Democrats will have all the leverage, because Republicans can’t pass a CR or debt ceiling without Democratic votes. That will also force Republicans to support a funding bill that legalizes [DACA].

Ann Culter was just like:

Whereas El Rushbo sought to distance himself:

Trump’s never been a small government conservative, and I never told anyone he was.


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