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That time Bob Mueller ordered the FBI to stop George W. Bush’s Gestapo   September 4, 2017

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In 2003, Attorney General John Ashcroft and acting AG James Comey refused to reauthorize W’s unconstitutional, warrantless domestic spy program.

When the Bush regime tried to take advantage of its hospital bed-ridden AG, then-FBI director Bob Mueller ordered armed FBI agents to stop the Secret Service from removing James Comey from the premises, if necessary:

Ashcroft keeled over with gallstone pancreatitis. He was sedated and scheduled for surgery. Comey was now the acting attorney general. He and the president were required to reauthorize Stellar Wind on March 11 for the program to continue. When Comey learned [Bush regime lawyer Alberto Gonzalez] and [Andy Card] were heading to the hospital of the night of March 10 to get the signature of the barely conscious Ashcroft, Comey raced to Ashcroft’s hospital room to head them off. When they arrived, Ashcroft lifted his head off the pillow and told the president’s men that he wouldn’t sign. Pointing at Comey, he said: ‘There is the attorney general.’

Despite Ashcroft and Comey’s refusal to sign off, W. insisted on keeping the illegal program in place– at which point, Bob Mueller got Ned Stark AF:

At 1:30 a.m…Mueller drafted a letter of resignation…if the president did not back down, ‘I would be constrained to resign as director of the FBI.’

Seven hours later, with the letter in the breast pocket of his suit, Mueller sat alone with Bush in the Oval Office. Once again, the F.B.I. had joined a battle against a president. Mueller’s notes show that he told Bush in no uncertain terms that ‘a presidential order alone’ could not legalize Stellar Wind. Unless the N.S.A. brought Stellar Wind within the constraints of the law, he would lose his F.B.I. director, the attorney general and the acting attorney general. In the end, Bush relented

Of course, Ned Stark’s honor paid off handsomely and he lived happily ever after.


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