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One last chance for Trump’s wall   September 3, 2017

Totally called it.

At a KKK rally last month, Trump promised supporters that he would build the 1,700-mile, 55-ft. impenetrable wall— even if he had to shut down the gov’t to do it.

Trump caved 1 week later:

The White House has quietly notified Congress that President Donald Trump will not shut down the government in October if lawmakers do not fund a wall along the border of Mexico…the move would appear to clear the way for Congress to agree to a short-term budget deal.

Trump had publicly warned he would shut down the government if Congress did not include $1.6 billion to build the wall.

This is already the 2nd time Trump threatened to shut down the gov’t over the wall, and the 2nd time he caved.

Trump has 1 final chance to demand border wall funding when the CR expires in December.

After that, Washington will be consumed by the 2018 midterms and then the 2020 cycle begins.


In December, Trump will accept a $1 billion “down payment” on funding and call it a “win”.

That should be enough for a few miles of rickety fence, and ~12.5 hours of fat border patrol agent overtime.

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